The Front of Spring House

Rehabilitation of the Spring House; Wright Designed Home in Tallahassee

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to visit several Frank Lloyd Wright designs in person.  Last weekend I visited the Spring House in Tallahassee, Florida.  This is a unique property as it is in disrepair.  A group of people have formed the Spring House Institute with the goal of purchasing, restoring and preserving this unique design by Frank Lloyd Wright.

View from the Road
View from the Road

The Spring House was designed in 1952 for Clifton and George Lewis II and construction was finished in December of 1954.  It is a two-story home designed in a hemicycle style.  Wright only designed a few homes in this style although his design features are still clearly visible such as mitered windows, long horizontal lines and the fireplace being the center of focus.

Main Fireplace, Focal Point of most FLW Designs
Main Fireplace, Focal Point of most FLW Designs

What was unique about this tour was meeting Byrd Lewis Mashburn who grew up in the house and is also the force behind the Spring House Institute.  It was true honor meeting her and hearing some of the stories she had to share.

They only open for tour  a few times a year and I look forward to going back in a year and seeing the progress they have made.

Ford Building, Berry College

Berry College – Ford Buildings

I have been in Georgia for twenty years and have never taken the time to visit Berry College.  These English Gothic style structures were built with money donated by Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company. Ford did not want recognition for his donation and it was not revealed until 1930 that he was the benefactor.

The entire campus was quite beautiful and has a great history.  Martha Berry originally started this venture in the early 1900’s to educate rural students.  To this day students still work on campus to help pay for their education.  They do everything from accounting to running the waste water plant.

There is also an incredible Grist Mill on the property.



Grist Mill – Berry College

This Old Mill was constructed in 1930 by students at Berry College.  The Republic Mining and Manufacturing Company donated the iron hub which the students then built the 42′ diameter wooden overshot wheel, which is one of the largest in the nation.

Water is piped directly from Berry’s reservoir lake to the wheel where gravity pushes water up the stone column and over the wheel causing it to turn.

The mill is still in working condition.

Ave Maria Grotto

Ave Maria Grotto

When we do road trips I always use Google Earth and Maps to see what is along the way and that is how some time last year I learned of the Grotto. Unfortunately, none of our trips got near Cullman, Alabama.  This week I went to Florence and the trip took me right through Cullman and I knew I had to stop at St. Bernards and see the Ave Maria Grotto.  I love models and miniatures.  This was absolutely incredible what this man did.

Brother Joseph
Brother Joseph

The stone and concrete models are the work of Brother Joseph Zoettl, a Benedictine monk of St. Bernard’s.  They incorporate discarded building supplies, bricks, marbles, tiles, pipes, sea shells, marbles, plastic animals, costume jewelry, toilet bowl floats and cold cream jars. Continue reading

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