Colorful Paige

This beautiful, charming and colorful young woman agreed to sit in my studio with patience while I played with different lighting and back grounds.  I had only met her once before and one of my main goals was to capture her incredible eyes.  What I discovered was a unique and diverse personality that shows through in these photos.

With the studio, I feel I am learning more of what not to do, but I  am pleased with the results we have here.  Hopefully I can talk her into another shoot now that I have seen and learned some more about her.  I think the second time around we will both be more comfortable and get even better shots. Maybe she will sport a different hair color because that is Paige!

Zoo Atlanta

Now that I have the new camera and love animals, it made sense to get a membership at Zoo Atlanta.  It costs $100 to take the family and for $19 more we can go all year with 2 adults and 4 children, any children.

So this trip was a learning experience for me and my camera.  I have too many shots that were not good.  I came home, figured out what I did wrong and looking forward to going back and trying again…….as many times as I want in the next year!

Photos and more…..every picture has a story….

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