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Lunar Landing a Hoax

OK, not really!  I do not get too in depth with Paint Shop Pro other than tweaking color and some other minor adjustments.  I have not done a lot of stuff like this because I am still learning what it is capable of.

This picture was just boring.....
This picture was just boring…..

I really was wanting to get a good picture of the Lunar Lander at the Space and Rocket Center, but it is what it is.  So I started messing with PSP and had a little fun……

So I added stars and the earth.....
So I added stars and the earth…..
Ok, starting to get out of control, but had to add the Death Star
Ok, starting to get out of control, but had to add the Death Star
Ok, adding my daughter and her friend is too much........
Ok, adding my daughter and her friend is too much……..

Precarious Rock

When I saw this rock, which is probably at least 30′ in diameter, on a hill on a road outside of Yosemite, many questions came to mind.  What is holding it in place?  Why did it stop there?  If it starts to roll how long do I have to get out of the way?  If it takes out the rental car, does my insurance cover something like that?  Would the rental car burst into a giant fireball and how far away do I need to be away to be safe?  If it does begin to roll, can I get it on video and sell that and make lots of money?

Rock at Yosemite
Rock at Yosemite

Goats on the Roof – – – Really!

Main building
Goats on the Roof -Main building

I spend  some time doing research on some of the places I go.  A while back I was searching for information on the old paper mill ruins by my house.  I came across a website similar to mine and was browsing his galleries when I saw this place….with goats….on a roof.  I thought it was hysterical.  I did not give it much more notice or even saw if the author said where it was.

On our way to the Smokies we headed to South Carolina via Highway 441.  I looked to the left and here was this place…Goats on the Roof.  Had to check this place out and it took me a minute to figure out where I had heard about it.

There are two shops, one that sells gifts, shirts, homeade jams, plust toys, games and more.  The other is an ice cream and fudge shop, which also sells burgers and dogs and gemstones.

This place is totally silly but alot of fun.  You can even feed the goats…..on the roof!!