Last Year in Black and White

I have taken these shots over the last year or so on my Canon 35mm SLR and my Yashika 120mm twin lens.

Sope Creek Paper Mill Ruins

Old Paper Mill Rd Bridge at Sope Creek
Old Paper Mill Rd Bridge at Sope Creek

Sope or Soap Creek was an industrious little area in the middle 1800’s.  Near intersection of Paper Mill Road and Sope Creek are several old industrial ruins. These ruins used to be the center of an industrial center based on the waterpower that the creek produced. During the period from 1850 to 1940, a paper mill, twine plant, flour mill and hydroelectric power plant occupied an area about one mile long.  At one time a wooden covered bridge spanned the creek here, but was lost on March 29, 1964 when it burned to the ground leaving behind only the steel shanks and masonry.

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