My Beautiful Granddaughter (and her parents)

I am not sure how this did not make it on my blog, but these were taken last fall.

The beautiful Balouch Family…

My Little Ray of Sunshine

It has been a while since I have posted some photos of my “Booger Bear”, my granddaughter Quinn.  What a shine and smile she brings to my life…..

Somewhere In Time

I have the best memories as a child going to Mackinac Island.  An enchanted place where you do not hear cars as all transportation is horse-drawn or pedal power.  The only way to get there is by boat or plane.  A magical place with lots of history.
I had forgotten about it until in 1980 when I was watching the movie “Somewhere in Time“.  On the big screen was the Grand Hotel.

On our return visit to Michigan, Mackinac Island was a top priority to share with my family.




Military Honors

I add these photos to my blog in honor and the memory of Homer Canfield,  my wife’s Uncle.

I have written and re written this experience and nothing in my words can truly do justice to witnessing a burial with a Military Honor Guard nor am I able to express the range of emotions felt this beautiful sunny day in West Virginia.

The photos below were taken with the families permission.  I pray these pictures honor Uncle Homer and his family…..

Honor Guard
Honor Guard

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