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Our New Granddaughter

Our new and first granddaughter, Quinn Brylee, was born March 21, 2016.  I am very excited about this new journey.  She is an absolute treat and I have become quite smitten.

The two pictures below are my favorites because they caught a un-posed moment between daddy and daughter when daddy was not aware of me taking a few pictures.  These are always the best…

A Private Moment
A Private Moment
A Special Moment
Dad and New Daughter

Quinn Brylee…

King Family Christmas

This was my first use of my new flash strobes and was able to shoot one of my favorite subjects, Kaylee, Emma and Justin.

Love the way these turned out, what an absolutely beautiful family….!!

Colorful Paige

This beautiful, charming and colorful young woman agreed to sit in my studio with patience while I played with different lighting and back grounds.  I had only met her once before and one of my main goals was to capture her incredible eyes.  What I discovered was a unique and diverse personality that shows through in these photos.

With the studio, I feel I am learning more of what not to do, but I  am pleased with the results we have here.  Hopefully I can talk her into another shoot now that I have seen and learned some more about her.  I think the second time around we will both be more comfortable and get even better shots. Maybe she will sport a different hair color because that is Paige!