Lessons Learned from Interacting with the Elk

I actually saw this viral video before we went to see the Elk.  This was shot a little over a year ago in Catloochee Valley where I had my encounter.  The behavior of the bull in this video is a direct result of people visiting the park and not obeying the rules.  By feeding and… Continue reading Lessons Learned from Interacting with the Elk

A Special Adventure for a Father and Son

Last year found my son and myself in Ohio for my work.  We finished our project a few days early and as I had not seen my 96-year-old grandfather in a long time, we headed toward Allentown, Pennsylvania.  On the way there we made a quick stop at Falling Water, a major item on my Bucket List, then continued on to Allentown.

After visiting with my grandfather, we knew we had at least a day and a half drive.  How cool would it be to take my son through Washington DC?  So I did!

We spent only about 3 hours on the National Mall, but I was able to experience a very special time with my son and I hope it is something he never forgets.  I know I won’t……