Stonehenge was our last  stop on our day tour and the end of our last day in England.  I will say that this place was anti-climatic for me, I guess I was expecting something more…..spiritual or I am not sure of the word I m looking for.  In reality it was a bunch of really big rocks.  But it was Stonehenge.  I am not happy with my photos here, but it is Stonehenge…..

Bath, England

This was the second stop on our day long bus tour.  Absolutely beautiful town with original baths built by the Romans in 60-70 AD, while the building above the pools was built in the 1800’s.  We were also able to visit the Bath Abbey and the current structure was built in the 16th Century.


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

We ordered tickets for this the day after we confirmed out London trip, 3 months in advance.  Saturday, May 5 was the earliest tickets available which worked well for us as that was the only day we could go.

I have to give Warner Brothers credit for making the start of this tour quite breath-taking.  We were sent into a room as a group where a short video welcomed us and gave us a few rules.  We then moved to the next room,  which was a theater with very nice seats, and watched a short video welcoming us to Leavesden Studios and the 3 main stars of the Franchise talked about growing up on the studio lot.

The short movie ended, the screen went up with us looking at the entry for the Great Hall at Hogwarts’.  It really was a WOW moment.  With some fanfare, the great doors were opened and we went into the Great Hall to begin our tour.  The photos below are just a fraction of what we saw……

221b Baker Street

This has always just been an address of course, he never really lived here or exist for that matter, but was a must see for me.  The first photo shows an incredible error.  It would not say 221B over the door, just 221 as Mr. Holmes lived lived at 221 Baker Street in apartment B.

221b Baker Street


221b Baker Street

St. Pancras Train Station

St. Pancras is next door to Kings Cross.  This is where you board the Eurostar to travel under the English Channel to Paris.

Piccadilly Circus

I saw no animals or clowns at Piccadilly Circus, of course I did not see a circus either.  A circus is a round road juncture, which this is not anymore, in fact they moved the big fountain out of the middle of the road ages ago.  Piccadilly Circus is just a cool part of town where the theaters are and a bunch of shops.  I was disappointed there were no clowns.  The architecture was way cool…..