Stonehenge was our last  stop on our day tour and the end of our last day in England.  I will say that this place was anti-climatic for me, I guess I was expecting something more…..spiritual or I am not sure of the word I m looking for.  In reality it was a bunch of really big rocks.  But it was Stonehenge.  I am not happy with my photos here, but it is Stonehenge…..

Bath, England

This was the second stop on our day long bus tour.  Absolutely beautiful town with original baths built by the Romans in 60-70 AD, while the building above the pools was built in the 1800’s.  We were also able to visit the Bath Abbey and the current structure was built in the 16th Century.


221b Baker Street

This has always just been an address of course, he never really lived here or exist for that matter, but was a must see for me.  The first photo shows an incredible error.  It would not say 221B over the door, just 221 as Mr. Holmes lived lived at 221 Baker Street in apartment B.

221b Baker Street


221b Baker Street

St. Pancras Train Station

St. Pancras is next door to Kings Cross.  This is where you board the Eurostar to travel under the English Channel to Paris.

Kensington Palace

Nearing the end of day 2, the previous day being about 36 hours with no sleep, I sat down for a cup of coffee to figure out what else we could do. We had toured the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, where we had lunch (fish and chips for me, bangers and mash for Jennifer) under the Bridge.   I was then reminded we were supposed to go see the London Silver Vaults.  It should be called one big ass vault because that is what it is.  Absolutely no photography in the vault or any of the underground stores which were filled with silver items in any shape you can imagine and some Victorian Era tea sets used by actual Kings and Queens with price tags more than my house.

Marble Arch

While I was enjoying my coffee, we decided we wanted to see the Marble Arch.  I had an idea where it was, so went to the nearest Tube Station, Chancery Lane.  Looking at the map on the wall, it was my lucky day.  The next train went to Marble Arch Station.  We hoped on and a few stops later, we got off, climbed the steps and there was a Big Marble Arch.

The Marble Arch just happened to be at the northeast corner of Hyde Park and we knew we wanted to visit the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which of course is in the middle of the park.  Having no idea how big the park was we set off.  Did I mention I promised to take my wife to Harrods?

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain – Hyde Park

Anyway back to the point of the post.  After we visited the Fountain, our original plan was to walk to Kensington Palace and then to Harrods.  We sat at a picnic table and debated with out feet and legs what we were actually going to do.  At the end of the debate our minds decided to still do both because we would regret not visiting these 2 places.

We had purchased the London Pass so we went ahead and toured the Palace as it was one of the many places it was good for.  And now we are at the reason I have been rambling.  After all the walking we had done and the two and a half mile jaunt around Hyde Park, I was too exhausted to take pictures and pictures were allowed.  So below are not the best of the inside, but it was I got.

And we did make it to Harrod’s, got off at the the wrong stop and had to get back on the bus and totally missed Royal Albert Hall.