Cincinatti, Ohio

Columbus Day1 017aLate June we drove to Ohio for business and did a 10 minute stop in Cincinatti.  I had never been there before and only had the new camera about a week, so there is nothing spectacular here, just Cincinatti..

The Big Chicken – Marietta, Georgia

Since we are talking KFC…

The restaurant was originally built in 1956 as Johnny Reb’s Chick, Chuck and Shake The owner, S.R. “Tubby” Davis, erected the 56-foot (17-meter) tall structure over his restaurant in 1963 as a method of advertising. It was designed by Hubert Puckett, a Georgia Tech student of architecture, and fabricated by Atlantic Steel in nearby Atlanta.

Davis later sold it to his brother, and it became a franchise of KFC.  The beak and eyes move….!

We use this when we give directions:  “Go to the Big Chicken and turn left”

The Big Chicken - Marietta, Georgia
The Big Chicken – Marietta, Georgia