Civil War Reenacting

First Lieutenant
First Lieutenant

During the 90’s I was heavily involved in Civil War reenacting.  It was not a “South Rise Again” thing, it was a living history adventure.  We lived, camped and ate like soldiers of that era.

For the most part I enjoyed these weekends educating people, shooting guns, reenacting battles with guns, cannons and horses.  We did these living history events year round and there is nothing like wearing wool in July.  There was an event in Georgia that had a temperature in the 60’s when we arrived Friday afternoon.  By midnight it was 16 degrees and snowing.  Of course at this point I bent the rules and got the all-weather sleeping bag out of the truck. … Continue reading

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is just absolutely a fantastic example of Gothic architecture and fits in beautifully in the Savannah’s Historic District.  We were lucky to visit at Christmas time and the Cathedral was decorated for the Holidays including a very elaborate Nativity Scene.  Just an incredible place.

River Street

River Street in Savannah is a great place for touristy shopping and dining.  We had dinner at Wet Willie’s on Saturday night after walking the mile up and down trying to find anyplace with a minimal wait.  My biggest gripe with this part of Savannah is the Hyatt that distracts from this great riverfront area.

Historic Savannah

"Old Savannah Tours" trolley.
“Old Savannah Tours” trolley.

In all my visits to Savannah, I never have gotten past River Street and Tybee Island.  Thanks to a family friend, we were hooked up with a day pass for Old Savannah Tours.  The tours are conducted on buses that look like trolleys and has many stops all over the historic district.  This was a great way to see the city.  We had an “on and off” pass and would go to a stop, get off the trolley, and see the sights in that vicinity.  Depending on where the next stop was, we would either walk or hop back on the tour.

Between the old homes, mansions, shops and squares, I fell in love with Savannah.  I found it magical and serene and something for the eyes at every corner.  The city squares were all a little different and beautiful and this was winter.  I can only imagine this place in the spring or summer.

If you make it to Savannah, block out a whole day for these tours.  We definitely were able to see much more than if we had tried to sightsee by foot or car.

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Bonaventure Cemetery

Even though it is not “The Garden of Good and Evil” from the book it definitely has become more popular thanks to John Berendt.  I have been to Savannah many times but this was my first visit to Bonaventure.  To say it took my breath away is an understatement.  It is the most hauntingly beautiful place I have ever seen and absolutely no way to capture its magic on film.  Walking among the graves and Spanish moss, there is a very surreal peaceful feeling that overcomes you.

These photos were taken in the winter, I definitely have to plan a trip in the spring to see all the flowers.

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