Panama City Beach

I only include these pictures on my blog for the sole purpose to remind me why I like to travel off the beaten path.  I can not even comprehend the utter chaos and nightmare this place is during peak season or spring break.  The number of hotel rooms along this beach has to be over 10,000.

There are, however, a few interesting things such as the upside down building, a museum called Wonder Works, and Ripley’s which is in the shape of the Titanic.

We spent about 40 minutes here to take some pictures and do some quick shopping.

R & R on St George Island

WOW,  2 day trips to Florida are brutal. We dropped our two youngest, Jarrett and Kaylyn, off in Lake City, Florida where our oldest, Jackie, whisked them off to Ft. Lauderdale for the week.

The Buccaneer Inn on St. George Island
The Buccaneer Inn on St. George Island

Jennifer and I then headed to St George Island, which is about an hours drive east of Panama City.  I had never heard of this little paradise before and only found it looking at google maps.

We stayed in the Buccaneer Inn, an old motel built-in the 50’s that ha withstood many a gale. I was a bit nervous about staying here as, well the online reviews were less than flattering. The Inn was actually quite pleasant, although it is NOT the Hilton. We had a kitchenette room, the “table” was actually a restaurant booth that you would have seen in a 70’s McDonalds. Their were no HD tv’s and no Wi-Fi. They told me they did try wi-fi, but with all the rooms surrounded in block and concrete it was a failed experiment. … Continue reading

Rehabilitation of the Spring House; Wright Designed Home in Tallahassee

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to visit several Frank Lloyd Wright designs in person.  Last weekend I visited the Spring House in Tallahassee, Florida.  This is a unique property as it is in disrepair.  A group of people have formed the Spring House Institute with the goal of purchasing, restoring and preserving this unique design by Frank Lloyd Wright.

View from the Road
View from the Road

The Spring House was designed in 1952 for Clifton and George Lewis II and construction was finished in December of 1954.  It is a two-story home designed in a hemicycle style.  Wright only designed a few homes in this style although his design features are still clearly visible such as mitered windows, long horizontal lines and the fireplace being the center of focus. … Continue reading