The Making of Lutes

Downtown Hindman
Downtown Hindman

During our travels, which took us through Kentucky, we stopped in Hindman, a small town near the Eastern side of the state in the Appalachian Mountains.  It was after 6, but a sign said Appalachian Artisan Center and maybe we could find some unique trinket to bring home.

As we pulled into town, it was deserted with a spattering of traffic here and there.  It was dinner time and all the shops were closed as everyone had gone to their home in the hills.

We drove about a half a mile and saw a shop with dulcimers in the window and the lights were on.  After finding a place to turn around we went back and parked across the street.

Appalachian Artisan Center Wood Shop.
Appalachian Artisan Center Wood Shop.

The sign on the door said, “Appalachian Artisan Center Wood Shop, Open to the Public“.  So we went in.

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New River Gorge and Bridge

I have been to the New River Gorge and Bridge before, but this was my first venture into the gorge.  We went into the Gorge in three different places, at the Bridge, Nuttalburg and Thurmond.  I will be sharing photos of all these wonderful places as time allows.

He did a Peter Pan right here off this dam!

On our way back from West Virginia we drove through the Smokies on Route 129 rather than going over them between Gatlinburg and Cherokee.  We came across this dam and I was fairly certain it was from the movie “The Fugitive”, so I stopped and got a photo from the bridge. It is in fact… Continue reading He did a Peter Pan right here off this dam!

Green Bank Radio Telescope

Sometimes you just drive 2 hours out of your way just to see it!! The Green Bank Telescope in Green Bank West, Virginia is the largest fully steerable telescope in the world with parabolic dish covering 2.3 acres,  It stands 485 feet tall and has a 100-meter by 110-meter dish that requires 7,652 beams to support it on top… Continue reading Green Bank Radio Telescope