Chatting with Reba

In the summer of 1988, I was preparing to go to Australia and had to pick my dad up at the airport.  I was there early and took a seat and spotted a very cute redheaded woman who looked vaguely familiar.  I kept looking and realized it was Reba McEntire.  Reba was real big in the late eighties and having lived in Nashville for a while I learned not to be intrusive however, this was Reba.  The other thing that was very noticeable with the country stars in the eighties was that there never were any big entourage or bodyguards.  In fact Reba was sitting by herself just like all the other passengers.

I decided to say hi and ask for an autograph.  I introduced myself and  apologized for bothering her.  She smiled, informed me she was bored and invited me to sit and chat for a bit.  I suddenly became star struck and shy which is not like me as I have been backstage at many concerts and gatherings.

The only part of the conversation I remember was telling her about moving to Australia and how excited she was for me.  She told me she had toured all over the world and had not yet been to OZ.  She was pushing to be part of an Australian tour that included Kenny Rogers and others.

This lady was so down to earth and friendly that I felt I was talking to a long lost friend.  It really was a special moment and she is as much of a hoot in real life as she is on TV….

Reba McEntire
Reba McEntire


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