Sope Creek – The Magic of PaintShop

I have upgraded to a Canon EOS 70D DSLR and I am also recovering from surgery.  I really wanted to get out and take some photos and the only time I could get a ride was on a dreary rainy day.

The first picture pretty much sums up the look of the day.

I had read about shooting RAW images and started doing so with this camera.  I have also been reading up on HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.  In HDR photography you generally take 3 photos, one properly exposed and then one under exposed and one over exposed.  Using PaintShop or Photshop, the images are combined into one, bringing out many details that are lost in a single picture.  Playing in PaintShop, I discovered it can take a RAW file and process the 3 different images needed to create a HDR photo.

The bottom photo was created using that process.  I also increased the vibrancy and added some local tone mapping.  I was impressed with the result.

Sope Creek as it looked on  dreary, drizzly day.
Sope Creek as it looked on dreary, drizzly day.
After playing with PaintShop Pro.
After playing with PaintShop Pro.


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  1. Ann Canfild

    Bill this looks like an winner.

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