Spring Break With My Grandparents in Florida: 1982

Not many 17 year olds want to spend spring break with their grandparents, but then again, you never met my grandparents.

My Grandparents
My Grandparents at Epcot

I say that this blog is for me and going back through old pictures my brain goes on a journey of great memories and places I have been, including the spring of 1982.

Since I can remember, grandma and grandpa always have taken me places and it was always a great time.  Especially this trip.

I flew into Sarasota from Dallas where they picked me up in grandpa’s VW bus.  I am still not sure why he had that!?!

We spent the week visiting and sightseeing.  They took me to both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center.  We saw where Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had summer houses.  We went to the beach where grandpa pointed out the cute girls in Bikinis.  Grandpa took me out sailing.  They spoiled me as usual.

I can’t help but smile looking at these photos and recall very fond memories of two very special people.  I miss them everyday……




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