Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

We ordered tickets for this the day after we confirmed out London trip, 3 months in advance.  Saturday, May 5 was the earliest tickets available which worked well for us as that was the only day we could go.

I have to give Warner Brothers credit for making the start of this tour quite breath-taking.  We were sent into a room as a group where a short video welcomed us and gave us a few rules.  We then moved to the next room,  which was a theater with very nice seats, and watched a short video welcoming us to Leavesden Studios and the 3 main stars of the Franchise talked about growing up on the studio lot.

The short movie ended, the screen went up with us looking at the entry for the Great Hall at Hogwarts’.  It really was a WOW moment.  With some fanfare, the great doors were opened and we went into the Great Hall to begin our tour.  The photos below are just a fraction of what we saw……


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