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Marietta Square in Black and White

I am still playing with the Canon Rebel 35mm and the difference in black and white photos between a “shopped” digital photo and Kodak TMax 35mm is quite amazing.  Spent a quiet afternoon with my daughter on the square in Marietta, Georgia.  I need to go back and add to this collection…..

FDR at Peace

All I really knew about Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the little my brain retained from High School history.  Spending time at the museum at the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia, I discovered how much this man did for both polio and America in general.  This a photo of a statue of FDR at Dowdell’s Knob near Warm Springs where the president would go to picnic.  I like the way it captures his solitude and I find peace in looking at it…..

Statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Dowdell's Knob, Georgia
Statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Dowdell’s Knob, Georgia