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California Architecture

I really was impressed by some of the buildings we saw in and around San Francisco.  It was refreshing from all the cookie cutter architecture I see (and design) on a daily basis in Atlanta.  Unfortunately it costs money to build something different and unique.

Clinton Walker Residence

This was the last Frank Lloyd Wright design I was able to visit in California.  This house was built in 1948 in Carmel, California on a small parcel of land jutting out into the Pacific Ocean. It is a private residence so I kept that in mind while walking around the property.   To my good fortune, the gates to the property where open, no cars in the driveway and landscapers were working.  Still, I only stuck my head in far enough for one picture.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan

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Marin County Civic Center

The Marin County Civic Center was one of three Frank Lloyd Wright designs I was able to visit while in California.  It was just a magnificent structure and I was amazed walking the halls.  From the Historical Marker:

The project fully embodied Wright’s ideal of organic architecture—A synthesis of buildings and landscape.  In Wright’ words, the structures were planned to “melt into the sunburnt hills.”

The Marin County Civic Center was the last commission by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It is located in San Rafael, California just north of San Francisco. The groundbreaking took place after Wright’s death and the construction was supervised by Wright’s protégé, Aaron Green, and was completed in 1962.

Next door was the Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium designed by Wright’s design team after his death.

Veterans Memorial Auditorium

The Veterans Memorial Auditorium is down the street from the Marin County Civic Center.  It was designed by the Taliesin Associated Architects and was completed in 1971 in a way compatible with the main complex.  Taliesin Associated Architects was an architectural firm founded by Frank Lloyd Wright to carry on his architectural vision after his death in 1959. The firm disbanded in 2003.

Marin Veteran's Memorial Auditorium
Marin Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium

V.C. Morris Gift Shop (Xanadu Gallery)

V.C. Morris Gift Shop (Xanadu Gallery)
V.C. Morris Gift Shop (Xanadu Gallery)

While in San Francisco I had the privilege of visiting several Frank Lloyd Wright designed structures. This was a unique visit to one of his projects as it is currently the Xanadu Gallery which deals in fine Asian arts. Some of the price tags I saw were in excess of $50,000. Continue reading V.C. Morris Gift Shop (Xanadu Gallery)

Knoxville by Night

My camera, Canon SX50, has a setting to take handheld night photos and I have not really had a chance to toy with it.  We had a quiet dinner down town Knoxville and had a nice stroll through the city after dinner and took several shots.

It works by taking several images and putting them together with built-in software.  I was quite impressed how they turned out even though these are not the best composed photos…

Knoxville at Night, March 2014
Knoxville at Night, March 2014
Knoxville at Night, March 2014
Knoxville at Night, March 2014


The Gateway Arch

These photos were taken in 1988 on a real short weekend trip to St. Louis.  The Gateway Arch is a magnificent structure with awesome views.  The elevator itself is quite the adventure.  It rotates in a jerky fashion as it maneuvers the curve of the Arch.