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Bull Riding

Last weekend my wife and I headed out for a short weekend getaway to Rome, Georgia.  As we left the house the thought that we would end up attending a Bull Riding event was not anywhere in our universe.  Growing up in Texas I have been to many rodeos, however my wife had never seen anything like this….

Another Elk Encounter

Driving through middle Kentucky at 55 miles per hour, my wife pointed out deer just off the road.  I quickly turned around and pulled into a gravel road leading up the mountain.  I parked the car and this big guy was down a small hill and could only see his head and antlers.  There were several other lurking about including a few calves.

When this guy came up to the road about 50 feet from me (I was leaning on the hood of the car) I thought he was awfully large for a deer and my wife thought they were elk.  Being the city boy I am, I had no clue.  I showed the photo to my uncle who said it in fact was an elk and we what we came across was a very rare find.

Elk Near Hindman Kentucky
Elk Near Hindman Kentucky