Face to Face with a Bald Eagle

I met this guy and came eye to eye with him this weekend and he was beautiful and stunning.  He was shot when he was two years old and had to have his wing amputated.  What kind of person shoots a Bald Eagle?

He holds his head high in pure magnificence!

Bald Eagle - Rock City, Georgia
Bald Eagle – Rock City, Georgia

Sequoiadendron Giganteum

Sequoiadendron Giganteum or Giant Sequoia are absolutely indescribable.  They are similar to the giant redwoods at Muir Woods.

These are located in the Mariposa Grove at Yosemite National Park in California.  The pictures do not do these giants justice as to how large they actually are.   Being in the grove is stunning and just beautiful and very surreal.

We paid $25 each for an hour and a half guided tour on a tram which was well worth the money.  You can hike through the grove but it is several thousand feet in elevation change.

California Dreaming (Day 4)

I was up early on our fourth day, my day, a bucket list day. Growing up I became a Beach Boys fan, not just Surfin USA and Help Me Rhonda, but the great harmonies of the late sixties and early seventies like Trader and California Saga. They sang about John Steinbeck and places like Salinas,… Continue reading California Dreaming (Day 4)

Pebble Beach

Every where we went in California the terrain, vegetation, trees and landscapes were all different and Pebble Beach was no different.  They even have their own tree which only found there called the Monterey Cypress.

Pebble Beach is not just a golf course but a rather large private community that  you pay $10 for the privilege to drive through…worth every penny.

Pacific Coast Highway – Road to Big Sur

This was the highlight of my solo day trip to Big Sur, where the mountains meet the ocean.   It was a chore staying on the road and trying to catch all the beautiful scenery. So many scenic points, so little time!!