Ghiradelli Square

Ghirardelli Square is a historic public square in the Fisherman’s Wharf District of San Francisco.

At one time it was the headquarters the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.  When the chocolate company was bought out in the sixties, the property was purchased with the sole purpose of preserving the block.  Today Ghirardelli Square is full of shops and restaurants and of course Chocolate shops.


If you are visiting San Francisco, I think it’s obligatory to go to Alcatraz.  Doing my usual research online it was suggested to buy tickets in advance, which I did, and we found ourselves boarding a boat a little after 2:00 PM on a beautiful sunny day.

The biggest draw to Alcatraz for me and I think most people is its notoriety and its history.  In reality, it is a really cool run down old prison.  The most interesting part of the tour was the audio tour of the cell block at the top of Alcatraz.  It is narrated by former prisoners and guards.  Not only do you get the historical events that happen, but some personal insight to the daily lives of the people at Alcatraz.  A local society has worked on redoing the prisoner’s gardens and they are absolutely beautiful.

The views of San Francisco both from the island and on the boat ride are stunning and is enough to make the trip by itself.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods is 12 miles north of San Francisco and probably one of the most serene, beautiful and magical places I have ever seen.  Standing there among the old growth Giant Redwoods, I pictured every fantasy novel I have ever read.  This is the place where goblins, harpies, wizards and unicorns live. … Continue reading

Our First Day in California

Our visit to California was very busy and very tiring.  After a 5 hour flight we landed and we were in our rental car by 11:30.  Leaving the Airport car rental facility we were immediately dumped onto a very busy road, California 101 into downtown San Francisco.  It was about a 20 minute drive and… Continue reading Our First Day in California

China Town – San Francisco

I still am not sure what I was expecting in China Town but to me it was mostly stores for tourists.  However, the deeper we got in to the area we found some interesting shops such as herb shops and raw seafood stores and green grocers that carried vegetables I’ve never heard of.  We also came across a butcher shop that specialized in poultry.  … Continue reading

Golden Gate Bridge

These pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge were taken over 3 days and from several vantage points and different times of the day.  It really is magnificent at any time.