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Afrikan Dreamland

In the mid eighties, I worked for a small paper in Nashville called, The Metro, taking photographs of concerts and musicians.  The Metro consisted of mostly college students hoping to get a career in the writing and newspaper business.  Me, I just wanted free tickets to awesome concerts.  I really never have wanted to do photography professionally.  I was on staff for a few years and was exposed to a bunch of music I never would have gone to see on my own.  One band was Afrikan Dreamland.


Aashid Himons
Aashid Himons

Aashid Himons was the leader and founder of Afrikan Dreamland.  He was from West Virginia and had been involved in music all his life.  Afrikan Dreamland combined reggae, blues, rock and electronic music and I remember really enjoying their music.  After the show I got to chat with Aashid for a bit and he told me a little about the Rastafarian culture and his music.  I recall a very warm and polite person that I really enjoyed talking too.  I was bummed to hear of his passing in 2011.

Yosemite in Black and White

These were all shot with a Canon Rebel 35mm camera on T Max film.  I have enjoyed going back and experimenting with the old school film and using Paintshop Pro to do in a few minutes that would have taken me days in the darkroom.