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FDR at Peace

All I really knew about Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the little my brain retained from High School history.  Spending time at the museum at the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia, I discovered how much this man did for both polio and America in general.  This a photo of a statue of FDR at Dowdell’s Knob near Warm Springs where the president would go to picnic.  I like the way it captures his solitude and I find peace in looking at it…..

Statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Dowdell's Knob, Georgia
Statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Dowdell’s Knob, Georgia

The Gateway Arch

These photos were taken in 1988 on a real short weekend trip to St. Louis.  The Gateway Arch is a magnificent structure with awesome views.  The elevator itself is quite the adventure.  It rotates in a jerky fashion as it maneuvers the curve of the Arch.