I Found Nemo in Myrtle Beach

During our recent visit to Myrtle Beach we made a stop at Ripley’s Aquarium for two reasons.  One it was a break from the heat and two, they have glass tunnels through a tank filled with sharks.

The Aquarium was small compared to Atlanta and Chattanooga and around the same price, however the glass enclosed tunnels makes it worthwhile.  Nothing like having sharks swim over your head.

And I found Nemo……..

Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga is, simply put: Awesome!  I have only been once before many years ago after it first opened and it has already doubled in size.  It is located on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Aquarium is split into 2 sections, The River Journey and The Ocean Journey.  Each part is housed in a separate building.

At the Top of River Journey
At the Top of River Journey

We started with the River Journey.  The inside of the building greets you with a very long escalator that takes you to the top of the structure where you are met by playful river otters.  This is the top and the start of the giant tank that goes all the way down four levels.  The center of the building has ramps that descend to each level so that forty feet of water is visible.  At each level there are exhibits on each side that are independent of the main tanks.  All the exhibits here are from a typical local stream or lake, everything from fish to snakes to alligators.

Jarrett and Kaylyn Trying to Pet Sharks and Rays
Jarrett and Kaylyn Trying to Pet Sharks and Rays

The second building is the Ocean Journey and again you start at the top where you can pet sting rays and sharks and visit the live butterfly room.  I had not been in this part before.

It is well worth the money and trip.  It was $26.95 each and for $8.00 more we just bought a family membership…..just in case!