Sneaking Around the Fox

I arrived early for an appointment today that was taking place across the street from The Fabulous Fox Theater.  I wandered over to the old building which was originally designed to be a Shrine Temple. I found a door ajar and decided to find out where it lead me.  I creeped up the stairs and found myself in the Egyptian Ballroom which is designed after a temple for Ramses II at Karnak.  I did not have a bunch of time but it was definitely a fun short adventure…

(After coming home I did a little reading and apparently missed some interesting things in both the men’s and women’s lounges or restrooms….next time)

Zoo Atlanta

Now that I have the new camera and love animals, it made sense to get a membership at Zoo Atlanta.  It costs $100 to take the family and for $19 more we can go all year with 2 adults and 4 children, any children.

So this trip was a learning experience for me and my camera.  I have too many shots that were not good.  I came home, figured out what I did wrong and looking forward to going back and trying again…….as many times as I want in the next year!