Zoo Atlanta

Now that I have the new camera and love animals, it made sense to get a membership at Zoo Atlanta.  It costs $100 to take the family and for $19 more we can go all year with 2 adults and 4 children, any children.

So this trip was a learning experience for me and my camera.  I have too many shots that were not good.  I came home, figured out what I did wrong and looking forward to going back and trying again…….as many times as I want in the next year!

Face to Face with a Bald Eagle

I met this guy and came eye to eye with him this weekend and he was beautiful and stunning.  He was shot when he was two years old and had to have his wing amputated.  What kind of person shoots a Bald Eagle?

He holds his head high in pure magnificence!

Bald Eagle - Rock City, Georgia
Bald Eagle – Rock City, Georgia

Monterey, California – Fisherman’s Wharf

Another tourist shopping destination.  I did buy some nice fleece jackets for the kids, but I was more interested in the Sea Lions.  Just amazing.