Bonaventure and Little Gracie

I love Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah and for my second visit in the early morning, there was a fog in the air which added a bit of eeriness and serenity.

Grave of Little Gracie Watson

I visited Little Gracie again, her story still tugs at my heart.  She, dearly loved by her father, died in 1889 at six years old of pneumonia.  Her father had the life-size carving made of her which has become one of the most visited graves in the World.

Trinkets left for Gracie

After Gracie’s death, her father and mother left for New England where they died and are buried leaving Gracie alone in Bonaventure forever.  People still leave Gracie gifts and trinkets and say her ghost still plays in Johnson Square in front of the old hotel she lived in.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Even though it is not “The Garden of Good and Evil” from the book it definitely has become more popular thanks to John Berendt.  I have been to Savannah many times but this was my first visit to Bonaventure.  To say it took my breath away is an understatement.  It is the most hauntingly beautiful place I have ever seen and absolutely no way to capture its magic on film.  Walking among the graves and Spanish moss, there is a very surreal peaceful feeling that overcomes you.

These photos were taken in the winter, I definitely have to plan a trip in the spring to see all the flowers.

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