California Architecture

I really was impressed by some of the buildings we saw in and around San Francisco.  It was refreshing from all the cookie cutter architecture I see (and design) on a daily basis in Atlanta.  Unfortunately it costs money to build something different and unique.

California Dreaming (Day 4)

I was up early on our fourth day, my day, a bucket list day. Growing up I became a Beach Boys fan, not just Surfin USA and Help Me Rhonda, but the great harmonies of the late sixties and early seventies like Trader and California Saga. They sang about John Steinbeck and places like Salinas,… Continue reading California Dreaming (Day 4)

Clinton Walker Residence

This was the last Frank Lloyd Wright design I was able to visit in California.  This house was built in 1948 in Carmel, California on a small parcel of land jutting out into the Pacific Ocean. It is a private residence so I kept that in mind while walking around the property.   To my good fortune, the gates to the property where open, no cars in the driveway and landscapers were working.  Still, I only stuck my head in far enough for one picture.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan

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