Images of Memorial Day 2015

Marietta National Cemetery is a peaceful and beautiful place located just off the square in Marietta, Georgia.  Each Memorial day over 18,000 flags are placed on the graves.  Spending an hour there by myself taking these photos was inspiring and found my self reflecting on what these men did for us…..

Bonaventure Cemetery

Even though it is not “The Garden of Good and Evil” from the book it definitely has become more popular thanks to John Berendt.  I have been to Savannah many times but this was my first visit to Bonaventure.  To say it took my breath away is an understatement.  It is the most hauntingly beautiful place I have ever seen and absolutely no way to capture its magic on film.  Walking among the graves and Spanish moss, there is a very surreal peaceful feeling that overcomes you.

These photos were taken in the winter, I definitely have to plan a trip in the spring to see all the flowers.

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