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Somewhere In Time

I have the best memories as a child going to Mackinac Island.  An enchanted place where you do not hear cars as all transportation is horse-drawn or pedal power.  The only way to get there is by boat or plane.  A magical place with lots of history.
I had forgotten about it until in 1980 when I was watching the movie “Somewhere in Time“.  On the big screen was the Grand Hotel.

On our return visit to Michigan, Mackinac Island was a top priority to share with my family.




Greenfield Village – A Step Back in Time

One of my early visits to Greenfield Village in the early 70's
One of my early visits to Greenfield Village in the early 70’s

Growing up in Michigan I discovered my love of history thanks to a man named Henry Ford at a place he built called Greenfield Village.  Greenfield Village is an outdoor living history museum dedicated in 1929 and opened to the public in June 1933.

Most of the structures in this village have been moved and relocated to their present site while others are reproductions.  From an exact replica of Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory Complex to the actual Wright Brothers Cycle Shop, there is a cornucopia of history from the 17th century to modern times.

As a child I remember the awe that this placed instilled in my soul.  Taking my family there brought back many childhood memories including being chased around Ackley Pond by a goose and subsequently bit by the beast.

If you ever find your self in Michigan, this should be on the top of your list of places to visit.

Disney World

My wife and I spent a whole day in 95 degree sweltering heat to tackle all four Disney Theme Parks in one day.  We started at Magic Kingdom then rode the monorail to Epcot.  From there we took a boat to Disney Studios where we transferred to a bus to take us to the Animal Kingdom and then a Taxi back to the studios.  Then we got on a bus to Epcot and a monorail back to our car.

What a blast!!


Our New Granddaughter

Our new and first granddaughter, Quinn Brylee, was born March 21, 2016.  I am very excited about this new journey.  She is an absolute treat and I have become quite smitten.

The two pictures below are my favorites because they caught a un-posed moment between daddy and daughter when daddy was not aware of me taking a few pictures.  These are always the best…

A Private Moment
A Private Moment
A Special Moment
Dad and New Daughter

Quinn Brylee…

Military Honors

I add these photos to my blog in honor and the memory of Homer Canfield,  my wife’s Uncle.

I have written and re written this experience and nothing in my words can truly do justice to witnessing a burial with a Military Honor Guard nor am I able to express the range of emotions felt this beautiful sunny day in West Virginia.

The photos below were taken with the families permission.  I pray these pictures honor Uncle Homer and his family…..

Honor Guard
Honor Guard

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The Making of Lutes

Downtown Hindman
Downtown Hindman

During our travels, which took us through Kentucky, we stopped in Hindman, a small town near the Eastern side of the state in the Appalachian Mountains.  It was after 6, but a sign said Appalachian Artisan Center and maybe we could find some unique trinket to bring home.

As we pulled into town, it was deserted with a spattering of traffic here and there.  It was dinner time and all the shops were closed as everyone had gone to their home in the hills.

We drove about a half a mile and saw a shop with dulcimers in the window and the lights were on.  After finding a place to turn around we went back and parked across the street.

Appalachian Artisan Center Wood Shop.
Appalachian Artisan Center Wood Shop.

The sign on the door said, “Appalachian Artisan Center Wood Shop, Open to the Public“.  So we went in.

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Graceland – Home of Elvis Presely

As long as I lived in Tennessee I never made it to Graceland but always wanted to go.  This was on the top of our “to see ” list while in Memphis.


I will say that I was a little disappointed in Graceland as I was expecting something much more bizarre after hearing about his  home for decades.  I always recall people talking about the Jungle Room, which I will get to later.  When I got past what I thought I was going to see and concentrated on what was there, I thoroughly enjoyed his home and grounds.

We had pre-booked our tickets and arrived at the museum/ticket center/gift shop facility directly across Elvis Presley Boulevard from Graceland about 8:45.  They give every one with I-pads and headphones that have John Stamos providing commentary throughout the tour along with videos and music.  I found this annoying personally, but Jennifer seemed to enjoy it.  I took my headphone off as they were awkward with my camera.  It was hysterical when we went through the area where they had all Elvis’s Gold Records and several people were singing along very loudly and…well I could hardly breathe I was laughing so hard.


Gates to Graceland
Gates to Graceland

They put you on mini-buses and take you to the home where you wait in line to go through the front doors.  As we waited I watched how fast they got people in.  Now, the tickets are about $50 minimum and go up to almost $100 depending on what you want to see.  As each person stepped through I could picture little dollar signs popping from there heads and floating away.  This place is a money-maker… Continue reading Graceland – Home of Elvis Presely

Mark Twain’s Cave

It is called Mark Twain’s Cave but to me it a place where Tom Sawyer went to explore and then he and Becky Thatcher had a terrifying encounter with Injun Joe. In movies, the cave was always large and vast with huge rooms. The cave Mark Twain wanted us to visualize was much different and based on this cavern he himself explored as a child.

The real cave from Tom Sawyer is a labyrinth of tight passage ways and a few small rooms. In Tom Sawyer, Mark twain describes the cave:

The cave was but a labyrinth of crooked aisles that ran into each other and out again and led nowhere. It was said that one might wander days and nights together through its intricate tangle of rifts and chasms and never find the end of the cave– Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain's Cave Entrance
Mark Twain’s Cave Entrance

The cave is entered through a man-made entrance that was built in 1890 while the original entrance can be seen to the left and would require someone to crawl through to get in. Our guide was a young man of 17 named Thomas and my wife and I were the only 2 on this tour. Stepping into the cave it was immediately clear this was much different than what has been depicted in the movies. The cave has a multitude of narrow, winding passages formed from smooth soft limestone called Louisiana Lithographic Limestone. The cave covers about six and a half miles with four known entrances and 260 passages and a year around temperature of 52 degrees. Continue reading Mark Twain’s Cave