Butcher Holler, Kentucky

When we travel, I enjoy setting our GPS to our destination and telling it to avoid highways.  On our way to West Virginia we found ourselves in the middle of Kentucky Coal country.  Near Paintsville, we came across a sign that said “Loretta Lynn Birthplace”.  As it was getting close to dark, we stopped to… Continue reading Butcher Holler, Kentucky

Another Elk Encounter

Driving through middle Kentucky at 55 miles per hour, my wife pointed out deer just off the road.  I quickly turned around and pulled into a gravel road leading up the mountain.  I parked the car and this big guy was down a small hill and could only see his head and antlers.  There were several other lurking about including a few calves.

When this guy came up to the road about 50 feet from me (I was leaning on the hood of the car) I thought he was awfully large for a deer and my wife thought they were elk.  Being the city boy I am, I had no clue.  I showed the photo to my uncle who said it in fact was an elk and we what we came across was a very rare find.

Elk Near Hindman Kentucky
Elk Near Hindman Kentucky

Padukah, Kentucky

We made a short stop in this quaint River Town heading towards Illinois which was just across the river.  We were hoping to find a nice restaurant downtown for dinner with a view of the river.  Unfortunately, as with many river towns we came across, flood walls deflected any view and actually gave an imprisoned feeling.  They did have interesting murals on their flood walls.  Downtown Paducah was a pretty area although, as other small towns across America, there were a lot of vacant buildings.


Elk & Bison Prairie-Land Between the Lakes

Land Between the Lakes is located in Kentucky and Tennessee between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake and is a National Recreation Area.  Here we found the Elk & Bison Prairie, a 700 acre enclosure where visitors travel by vehicle via a 3.5-mile paved loop road to view elk and bison that have been re-introduced.

We have seen elk in the wild so were more interested in the Bison and they were spectacular.  We did have a close encounter with one who did not want to get out of the road and as we drove about four feet from him he gave us the “eye”!  It was a very beautiful place…