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Lessons Learned from Interacting with the Elk

I actually saw this viral video before we went to see the Elk.  This was shot a little over a year ago in Catloochee Valley where I had my encounter.  The behavior of the bull in this video is a direct result of people visiting the park and not obeying the rules.  By feeding and approaching these or any other animals not only do you put yourself at risk but others to follow.

The photographer in this video was doing the same thing I was, taking photos from a safe distance when this bull caught him off guard by coming up behind him.  Luckily for this man, the young bull was just being playful and not too serious.  Unfortunately the Park Service had to put this animal down because he was becoming a danger to visitors.  A full-grown male truly rutting could have easily made this a deadly situation. Continue reading Lessons Learned from Interacting with the Elk