The Fugitive Train Wreck

fugitiveBefore we left for our weekend trip, I started searching the internet just to see what was on the way and any place of interest near our route.  While looking at Dillsboro, North Carolina, I found the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad stopped here and their itinerary said that you could see the Fugitive movie set along the route.  The fugitive with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones is one of my favorite movies. More searching and I found that they filmed this right in Dillsboro.  So I had to see it. This is the scene involving Kimble’s (Harrison Ford) the wreck between the prison transport bus and a freight train.

Apparently this train/bus crash cost $1,000,000 to film and used 19 cameras.  For whatever reason they just left everything there.  Across the river, where I took the pictures from is a trailer park.  Must of been an exciting night for those people.

They also used the nearby Cheoah Dam for the scene where Harrison’s character jumps from the dam.  Scenes in the hospital after Kimble initially escapes were filmed at Harris Regional Hospital in Sylva, North Carolina, just a few miles from Dillsboro.

This is the scene from the movie showing the train wreck:

Tallulah Falls Railroad Museum

Train depot
Train depot

I love trains, always have.  So after we flew past this on Highway 441 in Rabun Gap, Georgia, I did a u-turn and had to check it out.

Unfortunately it was closed for the season.  From what I gather from the web, this has all been built by the students from The Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School across the road.  Obviusly they have built all the track as it is a two foot (1′-11 5/8″) narrow gauge railway.  I am unable to verify if they built the depot or it is original.  Peeking through the windows, I am of the belief it is original.

The museum displays artifacts from the defunct Tallulah Falls railway that was a 57-mile line from Cornelia, Georgia to Franklin, North Carolina.

The railroad ended passenger service 1946 and freight service in 1961. A short section from Cornelia to Demorest remained in operation until about 1985.