Falls Park on the Reedy

Falls Park on the Reedy is a 26 acre park located in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.  I have visited this town several times and absolutely have no idea how I missed this absolutely spectacular park.

Reading about the area’s history, this part of downtown was very industrial and companies would use the river to dump their waste.  They have done an awesome job of revitalizing this area.  I particularly like the abandoned brick building that rather than tear it down, they stabilized it with structural steel and now use the inside for events.  Great job Greenville!!

Little River Canyon

On our way back from Huntsville, we came across Little River Canyon, a few mile east of Fort Payne, Alabama.  This is one of those places I would have treasured more time.  Watching the kids and families play in the pools above the falls was relaxing and soothing.  It would be an awesome place to sit under a tree and read or snooze.